Sunday, July 13, 2008

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ubuntu 8.04 調整指南




另外,Ubuntu預設安裝總是有點少東少西的。只要你有安裝夠強大的Nvidia/ATI顯示卡,CompizFusion預設就可在,「外觀設定」選項當中就可開啟預設的特效,但如果你要客製化這些特效,則又得去安裝CompizConfig。還沒完呢!還記得Openoffice 2.4人所稱道的3D投影片特效嗎?那也是要另外去安裝套件才能夠生效的。

對常要出門作簡報的朋友來說,新的nvidia-settings讓人驚艷。 新版的nvidia-settings讓你能夠在不需重開XServer的狀況下直接使用雙螢幕,並且能夠過將設定寫入/etc/X11/xorg.conf的方式讓這些設定能夠永久有效。唯一需要注意的是,預設開啟的nvidia-settings並沒有root的寫入權限,因此建議用指令的方式開啟nvidia-settings: sudo nvidia-settings。

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Evolution and genetics | The misfits |

Evolution and genetics | The misfits |

Interesting. So there is no such thing as "Free Will". What we tend to do, and what we tend to want, are decided by DNA.

Since the presumption of Democracy is that "Everyone is born equal", which kind of effect will DNA decoding bring to our political landscape? Or is Democracy itself an excellent playground for evolutional forces?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nvidia: Nvidia Tegra All-in-One Mobile Processors Aim to Nuke Intel's Atom, Promise 30 Hours HD Playback

Nvidia: Nvidia Tegra All-in-One Mobile Processors Aim to Nuke Intel's Atom, Promise 30 Hours HD Playback

This is all-out-war. If I were a graphic artist, I would draw a nice map with clashing CPU armies on it..... but I'm not.

While Tegra is quite appealing from technical point of view, the hostile tone that Nvidia has used might not be that appropriate. Atom, despite all its optimization, is still a x86 CPU. Intel's plan is obviously to court current application developers that are already familiar with x86 instruction set. ARM-based CPU is another story, and requires another introduction strategy. By making people comparing Apple to Oranges, Nvidia might have wasted a perfect chance to surprise Intel on Device marketplace. The old saying says: keep your friends close, and keep your enemies closer.... remember?

Openbook: Is Via's OpenBook the Next (Little) Big Thing in UMPCs?

Openbook: Is Via's OpenBook the Next (Little) Big Thing in UMPCs?

VIA is the only Taiwanese Semiconductor Company that dares to compete with Intel & AMD on PC CPU/Chipset arena. While VIA has been fighting this losing battle for a long time, the Sub-Notebook market has indeed opened another door for VIA.

OpenBook concept is VIA's strategy to capture new entrants of Sub-Notebook marketplace. By offering layout design free of charge, any company entering this field will be able to build their own Sub-Notebook/UMPC in relatively short time. But why would any company enter this market? It's already crowded. Without significant innovation on human interface design, Sub-Notebook market segment will step into the unavoidable price war.

Now, if I own the capital to spend on this venture, I would collaborate with Ubuntu, VIA and nVidia to produce a Multi-Touch UMPC aimed at aged people. What they need is just a beautiful device that can allow them to browse internet easily, store photos and perform conference call. Sadly, no company has paid enough attention to this market yet.